Appointments for Children


Getting your child's nutrition right can be difficult and there is usually a lot of conflicting advice. I can offer appointments to help you work through different stages of your child's eating, from milk intolerance through to extreme fussy eating.

Food Allergy/intolerance

Some babies and toddlers struggle with food intolerance and allergy. I have 5 years experience helping parents to manage this, I am very aware that can be difficult to manage on your own without the right support. I am also happy to see children for other intolerances/allergies

Fussy eating

Encouraging your child to eat can be difficult I can offer support and guidance depending on how severe the food refusal is, I have worked within a specialist team helping to support families to manage this. Our first goal will be to try and ensure that your child is getting the nutrients that they need to grow and develop. I will then guide you through the 'SOS' approach which focuses on getting your child more familiar withdifferent foods and textures in a relaxed way. I have found previously this can be successful.

 In the near future I will develop food exploration sessions for children with extreme fussy eating but this will depend on interest within the area. 

Weight Management

I can work with you as a family to build a healthy relationships with food so that your child(ren) do not feel singled out. I can also provide education about healthy eating to children either in one to one sessions or as education groups.

Next Steps - Please email me so that we can discuss your needs further