Appointments for Adults


I have a number of years experience in supporting adults to make changes to their diet in order to achieve their desired goals.


IBS is often caused by a number of different triggers and symptoms can vary significantly from person to person. I will offer advice and support to help you identify any dietary triggers that maybe contributing to your IBS symptoms, we can then work together to help you to adapt your diet to help you manage your symptoms.

Weight Management

If you have been struggling to control your weight then making sustainable changes to your lifestyle is likely to be more effective than a strict diet which you are only able to follow for a short time. I am able to help you identify changes that will lead to results. 

Food intolerance

As adults we sometimes realise that certain foods are not suiting our bodies very well. I can support you to adapt your diet, whilst making sure that you are not missing out on any nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. 

Nutrition Support

Nutrition support is the term used within dietetics for encouraging people to increase their energy intake in order to increase their weight, this can be helpful for people who are undergoing treatments which have an impact their appetite e.g. chemotherapy, weightloss and reduced appetite can also be part of aging, stress, anxiety to name but a few causes.

Any other nutritional concerns

If you have another nutrition related concern then please email me and we can discuss the best way to support you.